Make sure you’re set for the season

Recent New England winters have become famous for their temperature fluctuations – but it’s still good to have your outdoor space set for whatever Mother Nature brings our way. Here are some tips:

1) Yard clean up — allowing leaves and yard waste to sit on lawns and flowerbeds inhibits spring growth and can allow disease to take hold. It’s time to get your yard pristine for the dormant season. Plus, with unwanted critters looking for winter nests, you need to keep the leaf piles to a minimum. Store yard furniture under cover or in the garage so your space is free for snow and ice removal.

2) Tree and shrub pruning — Trees and shrubs represent a big financial investment. Protect that investment with regular maintenance. Broken or damaged branches are an obvious place to start, but trees require pruning every 1-2 years for proper structure and growth. And if your tree is within 10 feet of utility lines it absolutely needs to be pruned regularly.

3) Winter lawn care — Yes, lawns are dormant right now, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from some TLC. Keeping your lawn free from leaves and other yard debris discourages disease and pests when the weather starts to warm. And less lawn debris keeps the grass dryer and prevents snow mold build-up. Plus some types of weeds: chickweed, henbit, and shepherd’s purse, actually thrive in the cold and begin their germination in early winter.

4) Protect plants & evergreens — Want your evergreens to stay greener all year round? You need to protect them from New England’s harsh winds and colder temperatures. If you have flower or vegetable beds protect the topsoil with mulch. Consider covering plants in high road salt spray areas with burlap.

5) Check all sprinkler systems are winterized — sprinkler heads and irrigation lines can freeze and burst if they aren’t winterized.

6) Gutter cleaning and pressure washing — Our homes took a beating this summer. Gutters and siding need regular cleaning to prevent mold and mildew. Plus, freezing winter months can turn debris into ice dams so act now to avoid costly repairs in the future.

7) Celebrate the season — chase away the winter chill with holiday lights and festive garlands. Hanging lights throughout your garden turns bare, leafless trees into magical wonders you can enjoy all year. Make sure you get help hanging anything on the higher  branches.  

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