Stone Artistry Unleashed

Our expert team specializes in creating stunning outdoor spaces through stone work, patios, walkways, paths, stone walls, and masonry. From elegant patios to functional walkways, we blend artistry with durability, transforming landscapes into inviting havens.

Hard scaping


Elevate your outdoor sanctuary with our premier hardscaping services. Our expertly crafted designs blend nature’s beauty with durable elements. From stunning stone work to inviting patios, we transform your garden or yard into a breathtaking oasis.

Retaining Walls

Our expert team designs and constructs retaining walls that prevent soil erosion, create usable flat areas, and enhance your landscape's aesthetics. Using durable materials like stone, concrete, or timber, we build functional and visually appealing walls tailored to your property's unique needs.


Specializing in high-quality masonry, we craft beautiful, durable structures using brick, stone, and concrete. From decorative garden walls to sturdy outdoor fireplaces, our skilled masons ensure precision and artistry in every project, enhancing your outdoor space with timeless elegance and structural integrity.

Paths, Drive & Walk ways

Enhance your landscape with our custom-designed paths, driveways, and walkways. Using high-quality materials like stone, brick, gravel, pavers, concrete, and asphalt, we create inviting and durable routes that blend seamlessly with your environment. Our meticulously crafted designs add both functionality and charm, ensuring safe and attractive transitions throughout your property.

Patios & Decks

Create the perfect outdoor living space with our custom patios and decks. Using materials like wood, composite, and stone, we build stylish and durable areas for relaxation and entertainment. Each project is tailored to fit your home's architecture and your lifestyle, enhancing your backyard's functionality and beauty.

Steps & Stairs

Ensure safe and stylish transitions between different levels of your landscape with our expertly crafted steps and stairs. Using materials such as stone, brick, and concrete, we design and install durable stairways that complement your outdoor space, providing both functionality and visual appeal.

Stone Work

Our stone work services add a touch of natural elegance to your landscape. From intricate stone walls and borders to custom-built fire pits and seating areas, we use high-quality stone to create unique, durable features. Each project is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring beauty and longevity.

Hard Scaping

Growing stunning greenscapes for over 30 years

We understand what it takes to grow a beautiful New England landscape. Whether your dream outdoor space is traditional, contemporary, minimalist, Zen, low maintenance, or even xeriscaping. We can design and build it for you. You see, we understand the unique environment challenges inherent to this region — that means more than just climate. It’s soil properties, plant tolerances, even local building codes. Around here, landscape design is as much a science as it is artistry.

The Process

From Design to Build

1 - Discuss Your Vision

We start each landscape design project with a conversation. We want to understand your vision for your greenspace. That means how you hope to use it, who will use it (family, friends, pets, etc. Then we'll ask you to describe the greenspace in 5 years — that's because greenspaces need to grow and evolve over time with the famlie — afterall it's about designing with living things for living things!

2 - Get a Quote

Getting a quote for your outdoor space design and build is as easy as a breeze; simply reach out to us with your vision, and we'll guide you through a seamless process. We're here to make your dream outdoor transformation stress-free and straightforward, starting with a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

3 - Design Your Dream

Next we assess your space. Not just the square-footage, but the land it's self — is the ground rocky or flat, sunny, shades, or both? What are the soil conditions, how is the drainage, Now, we look at environmental factors, neighbors, wildlife, Years of experience has taught us, only then can we commit the design of your new greenspace to paper.

4 - Built to Schedule

You've waited a lifetime for the greenspace of your dreams. So we're going to create your vision on a precise schedule. Obviously, Mother Nature calls the shots when you build outside, but our skilled team is going to get your new space finished on-time and always exceed your expectations. We love making clients happy. We should know, we have a lot of them.


Hard scape Projects


Crafting pergolas that blend seamlessly with your landscape, providing shade and style for outdoor enjoyment.

Steps and stairs

Transforming outdoor spaces with custom steps and stairs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal in every design.


Creating elegant terraces that enhance your outdoor living, offering versatile spaces for relaxation and entertaining in style.

Raised planters

Designing raised planters that optimize space, adding depth and beauty to your garden while promoting healthy plant growth.


Crafting inviting patios that blend beauty and durability, enhancing outdoor living spaces with our expertise in hardscaping and landscaping.

Walk way

Designing durable walkways that complement your landscape, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal with our comprehensive hardscaping and landscaping expertise.

Retaining walls

Building sturdy retaining walls that enhance landscape stability and beauty, integrating seamlessly with our diverse hardscaping and landscaping solutions.

Fire pits

Crafting custom fire pits that elevate outdoor gatherings, blending aesthetic charm with our comprehensive hardscaping and landscaping expertise.

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