Choosing a rock-solid hardscaping company

Choosing the right landscaping company for any hardscaping project can be very confusing. There’s online reviews, Google search, and advertising. But how can you tell the genuine and reliable companies from the less reputable options? Here are a few tips for finding the company that will make your vision for an outdoor living space a reality:

  • Read online reviews: Using trusted review sites can help give you an idea of exactly what you’re going to get when it comes to finding a provider 

  • Ask for references and contact at least three of the options you get. If you don’t get a glowing review from everyone you reach don’t proceed with that vendor.

  • Hire an expert. Hardscaping is a broad area with lots of different specialties. Make sure the team you hire has proven examples of the project you want done.

  • If the cost seems too good to be true…it usually is. Ask for estimates. Compare at least three. Costs can range wildly: But have a budget in mind and discuss it with your hardscaper. You want to choose a company that offers quality services at affordable rates. And don’t be tempted to cut corners on material costs. Remember you want your hardscaping to last for the long hall.

  • Choose a local team. They know all about your town’s building codes, and how to build a beautiful hardscape for your particular area with materials that work best in your region. Plus you’ll save money on transportation costs.

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